Procrastination is the thief of time, wise words from the wordsmith himself…

Procrastination is problematic to human endeavour, across the pages of time our species has faced this obstacle, the famous greek philosophers of Aristotle developed a word to describe this as Akrasia (the state of acting against your better judgement) self-control being the principal virtue that is of lack.

Delayed gratification is the act of pulling out one of the keys to unlock the door to productivity and moving away from procrastination, Top Tip:

When we decide to take action and start then the motivation comes and momentum starts building and an entire harmony pf positive emotions of confidence, self-esteem, satisfaction, decisiveness, determination and happiness arise

One strategy is combining and activity of a goal pursuit with something you love doing that can make you procrastinate, like working out while listening to a motivational or personal development podcast or eating at your favourite restaurant while having a meeting, or taking a drive or going for a run while listening to that teaching course.

another strategy is the stream affect, we can sometimes get overwhelmed by a goal and build it up into a massive tyrannical task, instead of trying to make a river go and start a little stream of small contributions towards your goal and you will find you want to add some more and you can go away and you will want to come back and add even more which will then turn into a river activity towards your goals…

Small measures of progress help to maintain momentum over the long-run, which means you’re more likely to finish large tasks.

The faster you complete a productive task, the more quickly your day develops an attitude of productivity and effectiveness.

I have found this second point, the speed with which you complete your first task of the day, to be of particular importance for overcoming procrastination and maintaining a high productive output day after day.


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