So another day at the “office”, I’ve sat down with my laptop with my coffee, a crucial ingredient, in Costa. Just working on some sides which is film lingo for lines of dialogue for a casting I have tomorrow. The casting director had seen a film called “Mad” that I had played a supporting role in where I was cast as a Narcissistic, self-involved antagonist, I seem to be able to play that role well!

So with this name Millennial, I hear drawing attention to “itself” I have got distracted from my audition prep and am looking it up. I came across an interesting article from times magazine called “Me, Me, Me” which I thought great, I like this as that’s what I’m all about!

I only read in one part, due to my mate messaging me about a house party, an invitation that I accepted based on the philosophy “work hard, play hard”. It said that we millennials are the product of the previous “Baby boomers” nicknamed the Me generation which in turn created the Me, Me, Me generation which the digital world has partly exacerbated. It also got this way partly because baby boomer parents wanted to instil self-esteem into there kids to improve chances of success. He says, I quote, “It turns out that self-esteem is great for getting a job or hooking up at a bar but not so great for keeping a job or a relationship.” and I thought I have been through a few relationships but not as much as I have jobs and that’s probably another reason why I have gone through a few relationships as opposed to staying in one.

This reminds me of a time I ended up moving to the United Arab Emirates on a one year contract where I got a role in a theatrical circus based rendition of Romeo and Juliet! On the flight over I met this Slovakian Air hostess who I began to date! On settling into my apartment with other members of the cast I came across this dating app called tinder that they were using which I thought to be of distaste and superficial to only find my self compromising my moral integrity and signed up.

I found I ended up swiping passed this Slovakian air hostess I’d just met and thought that’s stupidly ironic I’ll just stick to conversing in real life on the ground level! A few club nights, jet ski’s, months and beach party’s later I flew back home to those old sceptred isles of Great Britain. Only for a week to shoot a scene for a British Gangster film called “Breakdown” that I landed a supporting role in, you guessed it another rude boi drug dealer must be the kind, redeeming features that I possess!

After getting drowned and killed off I returned to the UAE to find my self back in a show I began to resent. I began to go through the motions and the suns red hot rays fell short on a mood that could only be explained as a cold blues song. This Las Vegas of the Middle East became an elusive mirage of glitz an glamour that no longer satisfied my selfish soul. In the end, I gave into the bottle and stocked up on various beverages for a house party where we got to work on drinking games that saw the jäger bombs land with full impact, to only explain as a prerequisite for my eventual downfall and brief interaction with the authorities.

I think that if we focus on ourselves and our problems and negative feelings we can fall into a consuming soulish pit with a downward spiral trajectory that inevitably ends in destructive behaviour, oh how reluctant we can be to face this truth.

But when facing fears it’s lies can be confronted with truth and with deception exposed a clearer path can be found. When counting we count our blessings and set a positive mental attitude we can find a pathway away from certain traps and foolish folly…

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