Want to get the highest success rate on your actions avoiding burn out and gain serious motion with your business goals online?

Well, in this blog post we will look at a scenario on the right way to start. It is important from the get go that you have the steps in order, learning from these mistakes you will see the right path to take…

I wasn’t smart enough to ask these questions starting out until I had already wasted time and money trying to do everything myself and making plenty of mistakes…

I had a really tough time trying to learn the Click Bank affiliate marketing system as a beginner and fortunately found something better…

But this question reminds me of a mate, Ben, who made some similar mistakes to myself.

He is an IT technician and when he realized that he wanted more from life, He took up affiliate marketing as a way to supplement his income and then eventually quit IT altogether.

He tells everybody that he loves his job, but that no amount of money in the world can replace the time He has made memories travelling the world after leaving an unfulfilling job.

We both have friends who have high profile corporate jobs and make unbelievable money, but they are very busy people and have no free time and are dissatisfied.

Ben started by selling other people’s products as an affiliate on Amazon and says he made very little money because there was no training. He would recommend his favourite books and products to other people on Facebook using his Amazon affiliate links but soon realized that the commissions were low and in order to make any substantial amount of money he would have to do an incredibly large volume of sales. This is what I discovered with Clickbank.

He then moved on to the drop-shipping business and contacted suppliers of various gardening products and sold them on Amazon as their distributor, and because of the returns made by unhappy customers and Amazon changing its fees, he lost money.

Ben and his girlfriend then tried marketing wellness products for a multi-level company (MLM), but he said that the company wouldn’t allow him to market their products online. The other reps were knocking on doors and holding networking events and He knew that was not something he wanted to do and that it was totally inefficient in the long run.

Like you and me, he knew that the smartest way to sell just about any product or service was on the World Wide Web, and he told me how discouraged he felt after trying and failing over and over again.

It finally dawned on him. He realized where he kept going wrong.

He told me that he always had soccer and football coaches, academic study groups, a guitar instructor and he even has a meditation teacher, and he suddenly realized that he had been trying to learn the online business without any help. He kept making mistakes because he didn’t have a guide or any footsteps to follow.

He found mentors and they taught him the importance of marketing high-ticket products that pay thousands of dollars in commission, instead of wasting his time recommending books that pay him a dollar or less in commission.

He learned how important it is to recommend products that pay trailing commissions too, so the amount of money coming in every month is gradually increasing, therefore giving him more free time to travel and pursue his passion. One of his main complaints about IT was that it’s transactional, you sell your time for money.

I’m old enough to remember when you could buy a software program with a one-time purchase, but the companies got smart and realized they could charge everybody monthly and annually instead.

Now, many businesses are switching to the fee-based model. Air conditioning and pest control companies have annual plans, right? So, it makes sense that he wouldn’t want to hustle every month and year until retirement for new wedding couples.

Smart businesses collect recurring fees and affiliate marketing is how the average Joe can do it too.

Long story short, Ben now has several websites, several sources of online income with basically a digital lifestyle business, and a solid exit strategy from the IT industry. He is making plans to spend time with friends and family, time that cannot be replaced.

He told me that his biggest epiphany was the importance of hiring a mentor right away and making that investment upfront, which actually turns out to be much cheaper in the long run because so many expensive mistakes can be avoided by following in the footsteps of someone who has already done it.

To Look at this another way, understand that you are going to make mistakes as an entrepreneur and they will either cost you money, or time, or both. So, ask yourself which one is more valuable to you.

For example, does it make sense to pay for software that costs money upfront, but will save you many hours in the long run? Or, is saving money more important because you have time?

Are you mostly interested in return on investment or do you have another priority?

Do you understand that personal growth will play a huge role in your journey of online entrepreneurship? Are you prepared to examine your flaws and make changes?

I am following in Ben’s footsteps and building my affiliate marketing business as a way out of the traditional work-model too. It sounds like you are trying to do the same and again, I seriously applaud you in your efforts to create the lifestyle you want…

an online business using the affiliate marketing model is by far the best way to get started and make passive income online, the best part is you can do it from scratch with no prior experience, just follow the steps…

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You are going to make it! Keep asking questions and reaching out for guidance…

Here’s to our success in online business



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