So what makes a millennial?

Well in my mission to understand what this label of the term Millenial is that’s hanging from this postmodern jacket of one’s ways I have consulted that wise old sage Google. Hopefully to enlighten one’s self and bring revelation to a curious and self-obsessed soul.

Apparently, The term comes with the statistical analysis from the majority of demographers and researchers that states that millennials were born between the early 1980s and the mid- 1990s. following generation X we should have been labelled generation Y but the more contemporary “Hip” term has been coined!

So on the cusp of this great digital age, this generation has found its self over the edge diving rapidly into an ocean of electronic worlds full force with not much swimwear on and a lack of parameters and tools for navigating this new electronic landscape presenting new obstacles to tackle.

According to demographers at pew research centre those born between roughly 1981 and 1997_ accounts for 27% of the global population which amounts to around 2 billion out of the 7.4 billion people that is just under a third of the human population surpassing that of the baby boomers. With
about 58% of global millennials actually living in Asia.

According to Time magazine, “Even in China where family history is more important than any individual, the internet, urbanisation and the one-child policy has created a generation as over-confident and self-involved as the western one” So that’s comforting to know that the west is not only to blame for this modern madness.

So what defines us?

Is it Materialism, unfocused, laziness, Entrepreneurial, charitable, want to change the world in a few months, short attention span, dopamine addiction, depression, instant gratification, lack of commitment…

Maybe any combination of these, take a lack of commitment, they say that my generation changes Jobs more than the previous, but is that not more options and choice which potentially can create over entitlement and overload who knows the real affect neither good or bad I guess it’s how you value you it and use it to your advantage.

As a freelancer for the majority of my career I have enjoyed a lot of travel and variety but sometimes wanted more fixed structure at times. With having an online business this has allowed me to set a strong routine around castings and build an additional long term income alongside my performing aspirations. One which I can run anywhere in the world work takes me or where I want to go.

Blessing or curse the age of information breeds an age of choices, freedom flirts with your vanity and strokes your ego but then freedom can quickly become an affair with a pathway that’s not your calling if you let it. This can have people switching lanes making a commitment to the long term, a quality that lays in the distant past. Beware of the impulsive instant gratification where the path of least resistance leads to pastures that are not greener, oh how hindsight can be an honest voice on one’s will power. Which we talk about in a previous blog on will power here.

But on the other hand, we must not let Indecision which is the mother of procrastination and procrastination breeds fear, confusion and an unproductive arrested development. The old analysis of paralysis can be the other side of the coin of whose wages I have spent trying to buy back some time lost. Apparently, 71% of millennial are described as being disengaged at work Which at times I know I have been in Jobs I had no fulfilment in which was another motivation to set up a digital lifestyle business online and make money via the internet while I pursue my passion, lots of opportunities in the digital gold rush.

So what are the millennial factors the good the bad and the ugly?



  • lazy
  • Nassasistic
  • Entitled


  • Entrepreneurial
  • Tolerant and volunteering
  • Lowest levels of drug use teen pregnancy an crime

So are these fictional myths or mere facts are these true for a certain amount of the population of millennials or a certain amount of the character of the millennial population. Either way, It’s good that it’s not all as bad as they make out, we do have some redeeming features amongst all our foolish ways and moving forward if we recalibrate we can enjoy the fruits of freedoms in this day and age and reap a bountiful harvest of success in the fields of this wildly futurist age.


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