Diametrically opposed with digital distractions!

Consistency, a virtue that has served me well at times and in times of others has been a word that has convicted me. Convicted me when my negligence of the endeavour at hand or the dancing with indecision which is the mother of procrastination. Or my lazy ways have robbed me of accomplishing a goal in a season of pursuit. You see they call this the age of distraction and a digital distraction can certainly take an age to overcome! Because in the space of writing this sentence I have been bombarded with a series of aka 47 bullet style bings and have lost my stream of thought, this age of distraction is challenging but even with no bings on my phone, I find my self checking my phone. An apparently 70% of us check our phones every hour, which sounds too long for me, try 10mins. But when I’m working and can’t answer the phone it’s frustrating that people want an instant reply and when I message people and don’t get an instant reply too I feel equally frustrated, my lines of communication are charged with hypocrisy as I’m mocked by the phantom pocket vibration that leaves me grasping at silence.

Living in that state of there’s always something else better going on can leave one always pursuing the future an not living in the moment engaging with the people your around and I think you don’t have to consult the Dali Lama to come to that conclusion but it took me a while!

All though being a performer and an aspiring Actor where self-promotion is key and a face is a commodity I try to restrain myself from pummelling my feed with photos as tempting and instantly gratifying and essential for being in sight and in mind for work it’s a little more healthy for ones mind! I Heard that the average one-year-old has more selfies than a 17th-century monarch and know people are being posted on Facebook feeds even before they have left the womb what next!

Not to proclaim we must unplug from the matrix although there may be some truth in that, it’s advisable to treat tech objectively and not become subject to it and consumed by its all-encompassing attraction. Maybe fasting from it for a certain amount of time, a digital detox if you like, certainly not viewing straight away in the morning and limit your use throughout the day, aeroplane mode can be a gift from God!

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