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So I just got in from another gig tonight in town, I didn’t miss the train or have to get a bus this time, so getting better at the old focus thing although it was one direct train with no changes so can’t claim much esteem inducing applause for that. One thing I do feel, in spite of the usual pleasure of meeting new people on a fresh project at a new place, is a sense of emptiness from leaving the venue. As a freelance performer, you work on so many different gigs with loads of different people for many different clients a lot of repeat clients of course due to one’s charisma and insatiable talent, not quite the punctuality but if any casting directors are reading this I’m a king sitting on a throne of time management.

Some clients you cross paths with randomly again a year or two or later, just the nature of that biz we call “SHOW”! Like tonight, this lady whom I worked with years back whose name I couldn’t remember so I didn’t ask to avoid sounding awkwardly rude but she didn’t use mine either or ask so it was mutually beneficial that we both got on with the conversation. She was cool and was asking me about what else I do and I was telling Her of some of the different types of work I do include the recent work as a movement specialist on the Mummy film with Tom Cruise, oh sorry I’ll pick that up, just dropped a name as I was pulling out my resume, and she asked me what I enjoyed best and I expressed my aspirations to further pursue a career in acting on screen.

She said that her son has the goal of becoming a music composer for film and I said that’s awesome I love Hans Zimmer and that’s who she said she wants her son to be like so she could walk down the red carpet in LA for a premiere and her own selfish pride she remarked in a humorous but stark honest manner. To which I replied, “Yes, why not?” I preceded to inform Her of a global campaign for PlayStation that I was cast as the lead role in, that was a major dream and Goal of mine that I had accomplished probably for my own selfish reasons too. She said, “it’s better to try and then if you don’t make it you know that you gave it a shot, “with a slightly apprehensive and sceptical tone that contained a note of doubt. Either that was Her British pessimism coming through, a realistic sensibility or a lack of confident faith in her son, or maybe the son of her Grandfather’s words echoing through.

It reminded me of my Dads sterling wisdom to become a famous star so I could build my own house and then build Him one also, as an architect I guess those where His selfish reasons like Hers. I remember when the campaign for PlayStation went out on national television, as well as cinema screens and billboards internationally I’ll have you know and while on the phone to my Dad He told me He had seen it and gave somewhat of a stale response which He probably, or I hope, meant more behind His British reluctance to show emotion.

So I said she should speak that positive belief that He can achieve that into His life as we can all be an extension of the words spoken from the power of one’s tongue especially when it’s a parental…

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