So Check out these top highly successful influencers to follow as a blueprint for high performance results. They say to not reinvent the wheel but to emulate what works in your own style…

Even consider making contact for advice or inspiration or even mentorship, I follow a lot of influencers and have learnt a lot by studying there work and have found it has totally dove tailed with my journey at SFM. Such an exciting time to be alive, as the wealth of information is vast…

But don’t get caught in the trap of information overload and chasing in all directions the shiny opportunities of success…

And if you want to learn more about how to avoid the trap of perfectionism what all entrepreneurs must know…

Here’s a list of top influencers to follow in 2019

1. Gary Vaynerchuk (GaryVee)

Niche: Entrepreneurship/Motivation

Where to Follow: Facebook:


Gary Vaynerchuk does NOT accept failure or excuses. This mentality has helped inspire millions of people around the world and has got him to the top of his game

2. Daymond John

Niche: Entrepreneurship

Where to Follow: Twitter: @TheSharkDaymond


Daymond John is an angel investor on Shark Tank. An extremely successful businessman with excellent advice to offer budding entrepreneurs.

3. Thomas DeLauer

Niche: Health and Fitness

Where to Follow: Facebook:


Thomas DeLauer has become one of the top names in fitness. He offers amazing free advice and content…

4. Tim Ferriss

Niche: Personal Development/Entrepreneurship

Where to Follow: Twitter: @Tferriss


Tim Ferriss has built a reputation around hacking the average work week to Physical health. His content is extremely informative…

5. Tony Robbins

Niche: Personal Development

Where to Follow: Facebook:


Tony Robbins is one of the biggest names in personal development and has helped millions of people and works on great charitable causes which is one of the ultimate aims to being financially self sufficient so others can be helped. His teachings on the science of success are high quality and can serve effective in your online business goals…

Best Influencers To Follow

The list above was chosen due to the output of high quality content, the rate of their success results and the impact they have on people…

Follow these guys to keep up to date with trends and the right model to follow for success online…

Start looking at what others are doing and apply to your online business strategies…

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