So If your new to online business and affiliate marketing or been doing it for a while, these rules will gain you tracking and increase your success rate.

In a previous post, I talked about Why affiliate marketing is by far the best way to get started making money online and building a long term passive income, here we will dive straight into the key principles that will unlock the door to a new workshop and set of tools to build and scale your business…

Now, these principles are open for anyone to use and building these habits and applying this science you can build a profitable affiliate marketing business. this is great if you want to learn how to start an online business with no computer skills as this simple formula and system of management is for anyone…

1. Laser-focused action.

Spreading yourself to thin in any area of life is unfruitful and when it comes to reaping a harvest the return on investment can have a low rate. With affiliate marketing, entrepreneurs can make the mistake of trying to promote too many products and even products that don’t fall into and are not compatible with their niche. one stream of traffic with a highly commissionable product is by far the most successful route to take.

2. Have an interest and passion around your niche.

A lot of people get into affiliate marketing to make money, sure, I get it, I did too and that’s fine and obviously part of it. But if you have a passion for your product service this will drive you forward through the various obstacles and will be infused with a vibrancy you bring to your corner of the market. Mine here is Digital entrepreneurship & personal development, I have always been passionate about this and when I sold my first personal development ebook it was great as it came from a place of real desire.

3. Do the Due-diligence in researching your product.

Make sure your product is high quality and one that you use or would use your self, never promote something just to make money, know that it will bring value and be of service to others. Make sure you understand the affiliate program you’ve chosen. Look at other affiliate marketers in your niche and look at what they are offering and the promotional materials they are using, this will give you ideas for your own promotional efforts.

4. Put your subscribers first and serve your audience.

A lot of marketers use this model just to make money and then they add value first, this is the wrong way round and will work against you. The way to go is to bring value to your audience and to serve the market with quality and build your business off of that, this mindset is when serious change and growth comes, we are really helping people which bares a profitable fruit.

5. The more you learn the more you learn

The internet is always in flux and developing, it is of the utmost importance that one stays in tune working in harmony with this. your funnel blog content and ads need to be inline with this. The Smartest way to learn is by learning from other people especially the pro’s, the industry leaders and those who are making the moves and mastermind with them. Don’t waste your time and money learning off your own back. Rather, learn from others’ failures and those who have learnt from mistakes. This will give you the correct blueprint and accelerate your success.

6. Commit fully to your business.

Affiliate marketing is not a hobby, it is a legit business that needs hard work, it’s not something you can just dabble with, you need to give a 110% and be diligent. To be sucesful you have to make it a high priority and set time, energy aside for it. You have to treat it like a business and with the right techniques, you can develop the skill set and really apply your self and grow as a professional. You may have to structure time around your 9-5 or part-time job in order to make it happen, this can be a great way to develop time management skills and become financially self-sufficient in the process.

7. Consistency is Key.

acting as an educational facility that puts out regular content, with quality information assisting people in achieving their goals and getting people the results they want is crucial. Regular output, continual content a growing environment that fulfils needs and beyond is the way forward. Consistency is the way like in any relationship that moves the situation forward. The snowball effect will build over time and carry you forward with momentum. They say 90% of business start-ups fail, consistency is one of the main reasons. your weekly output will have a compound effect over time and acknowledging all your progress will drive you forwards.

8. Be patient in the process.

Building an online business takes time, it is not a get rich quick scheme, hasty actions will lead to disappointment. Taking time and value stacking across a mid to long term stretch builds a powerful platform. Don’t measure your success on how much money you’re making, that is attaching yourself to a result. Reward your self for every milestone launching website, publishing your first content, gaining audience members and making your first sales etc

9. Always bring value to your crowd.

The value is not just in the subscriber but the relationship and creating great content that serves others is key. People will buy from people who they know like and trust. Not just about a follower but a life long customer who you can help. When you give back people support you aswell. Don’t just send people to static links invite people on to an email list where you can develop your relationship.

10. Make sure you are compliant which T’s&C’s of the affiliate program.

Every affiliate program has its rules, make sure you follow them otherwise this will set you back. Know the do’s and don’ts and apply them, make sure you have a disclaimer stating your commission intake from the product your promoting.

This is the top ten rules for affiliate marketing, follow these and you will supercharge your success and unleash your inner entrepreneur, which one will you apply today?

Here’s to our success in online business



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